Is it really stealing?

Is it wrong to download music without paying for it? How often do you purchase CDs? Do you share music files with friends? The full Discussion Starters lesson contains warm up questions, pre-reading vocabulary, a short reading, vocabulary review activities, comprehension questions and discussion questions. We hope the topic of music piracy sparks an interesting discussion in your class. Some of your students may be decide they no longer want to download music without paying for it. Others will think back to the time when we all used to use cassette tapes to record music off the radio. Preview all of ESL-Library’s current and upcoming Discussion Starters here.

Coming soon…Hazing.

Please introduce your students to our FREE podcasts. These can act as a preview to our Discussion Starter lessons or as extra listening homework. You can also use our weekly podcast (every Wednesday) as a warm up for an online tutoring session. If you like using our podcasts with your English learners, check out iTunes to see which other podcasts our listeners enjoy!

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Tara Benwell

Tara Benwell is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in materials and articles for the ELT industry. She is the media director and head writer for ESL-Library. Her debut novel, The Proper Order of Things is available on Amazon and in the iBookstore.   Website:   Twitter: @tarabenwell