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No warm ups or fillers required! These comprehensive lesson plans feature a wide variety of real life topics such as employment, housing, travel, and health. Each 10-15 page lesson covers all four language skills, and comes complete with readings, pair and group discussions, gap fills, and teacher's notes. Your students will learn practical vocabulary as well as skills required for living in an English speaking country, such as abbreviations in job ads, filling out forms, and even shopping at garage sales . (Intermediate to Advanced)

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Government Systems

This unit introduces key vocabulary related to government and political systems. Includes reading comprehension, vocabulary and a group discussion.



This unit covers a variety of health topics including parts of the body, types of doctors, and medical conditions. Students describe illness symptoms and practice reading medicine labels.



In this unit, English learners explore occupations and job search techniques. Students read help wanted ads, fill out application forms, and learn about personal qualities for employment.


Law and Order

This unit introduces key vocabulary related to law, crime, and punishment. Includes reading comprehension, vocabulary and idiom practice, a case study, and group discussion.


The News

English learners explore how to get the most out of a newspaper. Students take a media survey, study weather forecasts, analyze headlines, and read about different types of articles.


Getting Acquainted

This is an ideal unit to break the ice with a set of students who do not know each other. The communicative activities relate to greetings, small talk, and etiquette.



This unit features all of the necessary vocabulary, idioms, and expressions required to describe and ask questions about families. Includes surveys, discussions, and filling out a family tree.



Students explore vocabulary, expressions, and key questions related to housing options. Different types of housing are identified and students practice reading classifieds ads.



This unit introduces the topic of sports and hobbies. Students complete a class survey about recreation and practice reading an entertainment guide. Idioms are included.



From bartering to boutiques to grocery stores this unit covers all aspects of shopping. Topics include comparative shopping, garage sales, and retail giant Sam Walton.



This unit covers a wide variety of topics related to travel and transportation. Topics include vacations, public transportation, and automobile parts. Students read bus schedules and brochures.


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