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    Is sugar the new tobacco?

    Many researchers now argue that sugar is as bad for our health as tobacco. In our NEW Discussion Starters English lesson plan on the Sugar Industry, students discuss who is responsible for the increase in diabetes and childhood obesity. Get your students talking about issues that matter!

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    Is privacy dead?

    Every day we are learning more about how governments and businesses are monitoring our actions and conversations. It is becoming increasingly difficult to figure out privacy settings. Have we become paranoid or numb? Try our ready-made Discussion Starters lesson plan on Surveillance in your next class. This hot topic will surely get your students talking.

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    Are we all addicted to the Internet?

    Many people spend much of their day connected to the Internet, on their phones, computers, tablets, and watches. Is it necessity, habit, addiction, or all of the above? Try our latest Discussion Starter lesson plan on Internet Addiction with your English students this week. We’re sure this topic will spark some lively conversations in your classes.

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Something to talk about

Barbie Vs. Lammily: Compare and Contrast

Nick Lamm knew he was onto something when he reached his Kickstarter campaign target in just one day! Meet "Lammily" the Barbie-like doll with "realistic" proportions.  Do your students agree that "average is beautiful"? Show  this video, and give them something to talk about.

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Forming the Possessive of Words Ending in -S

ESL-Library blog: April 17, 2014

In general, the rules of possession are simple: Add ’s to a singular noun and add to a plural noun ending in -s. But what happens when the singular noun ends in -s?

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